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A Garden Without Birds DVD
King Of The Witches

A Garden Without Birds DVD

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"6 Friends arrange a kinky party at the top of an luxury hotel, where a dominatrix and her gimp wait for the guests. Once they start using drugs to spice things up, the party takes a bloody turn." - IMDB

"Garden Without Birds stands for sex, violence, excesses. This film tells the story of six people who meet in a grand hotel for a sex party. After taking a particular drug, things gets wildly out of control.... " - Some Guy On The Internet

"Japanese anti drug campaign must be the most hard-core around the world. Just when you think it can't get wierder, another director surprises you. I must migrate to japan immediately." - Some Other Guy On The Internet

"Japan is weird, we can all agree on that. but for some people examples like "the grudge" or "ring" are enough to back up this fact. "garden without birds" surely is a much stronger argument, though.

it's hard to spoil this one, really. the plot, if there is such a thing, is rudimental and kept to a minimum. the impressive parts are the imagery and the soundtrack. the use of both b/w and coloured pictures help just a little to figure what exactly is going on. it's rather a cruel psychedelic experience than an actual movie we get offered here, but due to its runtime of 22 minutes, that's perfectly fine. in addition, you will see one or two scenes that surely will leave an impression." - Another Guy On The Internet