If You Would Like To Combine Your Order From Storenvy, Please Email For An Invoice.


Thank you for your interest in King of the Witches, we believe it is important to disseminate this material for the conservation of its legacy and future. No film is too small to be preserved.




All discs are packaged in clear poly sleeves with front and back cover art. They are comparative to a vinyl 7” in appearance. Everything comes with art. Generally black and white. We do not ship discs in plain white sleeves like our competition, nor will we ever. The art listed with the description is likely the exact art for the disc. We may start carrying  things with alternate art in DVD cases again, But it will cost extra because the overhead is higher. The entire point here is whats on the disc, not what the disc is in. This isn’t about collectors items anymore. It’s full on dissemination.



In general base price is between $12-15 USD for films. Some things are less, some things are much more. If I have to spend money to acquire a film, it’s going to cost money to cover the overhead of purchasing it. Rare films aren’t cheap, especially when you’re spending years hunting for them for the sole purpose of making them more widely available. If you think the prices suck, maybe you can shop around and find this stuff elsewhere. That all being said, there’s constantly discount codes floating around. There’s always a sale going on, so nothing is really what it looks like until you get to your cart.




To be honest we aren’t the fastest shippers. That being because we is actually just me. One person. I ship every other week, usually on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. The larger the order, the longer the wait, unfortunately. Like I said, I’m one dude doing all of the work. If you’re impatient, please don’t waste your time. Things take a while. There’s no realistic way for me to ship faster than I already do.  I have two kids under three, I spend 80% of my time watching them and they make it difficult to do anything quickly. So if you’re patient, I appreciate it. If you’re impatient, like I said, don’t waste your time. Everything gets where it’s going, it just takes the time it needs to be assembled, shipped and delivered. Once it’s out of my hands, it’s out of my hands. I’ll do my best to be prompt. But I’m a real, normal person. Not a machine. Emailing me asking where your package is physically doesn’t change anything. Basically, in short. I ship slow. Everyone gets what they paid for. Even if it takes longer than they’d like. I’m sure there’s plenty of other shops selling this stuff for reasonable prices, if you’re impatient. Thanks for understanding.




International shipping has been an issue for us for a while. The store charges an inflated rate to cover costs for them or something. If you don’t live in the United States and would like to make an order PLEASE CONTACT US BEFORE PLACING YOUR ORDER, I will get you an exact quote. Don’t be intimidated by the shipping fee in the store. The one you’ll get messaged to you directly will most likely be way less than the quoted one.




I don’t like to give free things to people who ask. I think it’s rude. No I won’t throw that in for nothing just because you bought something else. I’ve got mouths to feed… That being said I’m not above giving free merch to people who earn it. There’s a few ways to earn things. 

  1.   Trading. I’m all about trading. I don’t sell movies because it’s a simple task. (It’s a bigger pain than it looks.) I am a collector and have always been and will be. If you’re wondering what I’m after, contact me and I’ll let you know. I’m always interested in trading other things for merch or store credit or whatever. That’s more of a Let’s Make A Deal kind of situation though. If you have something cool you think I’ll be interested in, I’ll let you know.
  2. Write A Description. If there is a film without much information or a synopsis in the shop, I’ll throw you a couple of discs to write out a review of it. As long as you’re well spoken and know how to write. I don’t want any half assed shit. I want essays. 
  3. Become An Influencer. If you’ve got 2500+ followers on Instagram, subscribers on YouTube, (I don’t know how the fuck tiktok works but) if you’ve got a ton of tiktok followers, a relevant blog that gets traffic, a relevant podcast that gets traffic, etc etc. you get it. We can work out a deal. I will supply you with your own discount code and a couple of packages a month with films either selected by you or me, you review things or mention things or whatever it is that you do. Provide information about where you got it/where to find this shop. Not storenvy. This shop. And you become part of the team.
  4. Have a website send me some fucking diapers/wipes/formula/things for my kid. This is a weird one. But I’ve got two kids. This shit is full time for me. But I am also a work from home dad. Being a dad is the best thing in the world, you should try it. Money from sales is going into buying necessities anyway. If you buy them and have them sent here, I’ll hook you up in double the value of the product you’re getting. Hit the contact button for details too. 


As Far As Trades Go...


  • Osore-Zan: Kôrei Fakku
  • New Amsterdam Torture Dungeon
  • Inhumanities 3
  • Flames Of War 1 & 2
  • Death File: Grey
  • Death File: Sample Tape
  • GFP Bunny
  • Sadistic Bitch
  • Black The Ripper
  • HIM
  • It Is Fine. Everything Is Fine!