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Witch With Flying Head DVD
King Of The Witches

Witch With Flying Head DVD

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For whatever reason you fools thought I was selling VHS of this one even though the description said DVD... So, let's be clear here. DVD. If you want a VHS, I can make it happen, but it's more expensive.

This is a composite that I made myself, it is hard subbed. AKA if you're watching this and it isn't my cut, you're not seeing the full film.


"A young woman of considerable social standing receives a curse from a black magician that causes her her head to detach from her body and attack anyone in sight. A good wizard is able to limit the effects of the curse to effect her only on the 15th of each month, but when she falls in love, things get complicated." - Letterboxd


"I've watched a lot of mind-boggling shit this Halloween, but this absolutely takes the cake. The Witch with Flying Head is FUCKING AMAZING. I love a good floating head horror film (I mean, to be honest the only other one that comes to mind that I've actually seen is Mystics in Bali) and I can't imagine any of them being better than this. A woman is cursed by some snake guy who is trying to worm his way into her pants. The curse makes her head pop out from her body, her guts gorily hanging below the neck. She grows big lower-jaw fangs and mindlessly kills people, zooming through the night sky. Some monks come in and help. Another witch shows up. Snakes are vomited up relentlessly. (So many snakes.) The plot is frantic and covers several decades—a wedding and a baby. This film is told with such a feverish, demented energy. It rushes from one scene to the next, filling very other second with lasers blasts spilling out of mouths, characters doing mad flips, glowing weirdness, lights, colours, violence, madness. I LOVE THIS FILM." - Some Dude On The Internet


"I don't want to marry you! So dude puts a curse on her that makes her head detach from her body, entrails & all, every night & kill. Her head flies around and she sinks her fangs into her victims. She can shoot lasers & fire. He tells her the only way to break the curse is to marry her. Not happening. She has to live with this curse. She travels with her family in search of a cure. Chaos ensues.

Extremely entertaining & not a single dull moment. The flying head is one of the most fantastic things ever. It's unsettling, mezmorizing, unique & creepy. There's snakes. Lots of them. Indy would not be happy at all. The camerawork is spectacular & the way some of the stuff is done is so goddamn smart. The angles, camera tricks, special effects are all top notch. Mayhem, blood, lasers, fire, snakes, & a flying fucking head with it's heart beating below. She's just standing there then up, up & away her head goes. Run for your fucking life. There's a flying head after you! You probably won't make it far though. She'll sink her teeth into you & you should definitely sink your teeth into this." - Some Other Dude On The Internet