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Devil Sorcery DVD
King Of The Witches

Devil Sorcery DVD

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"Devil Sorcery directed by Do Gong-Yue is an entertaining HK black magic film about a wizard who performs many hideous magic rituals.The student of a good wizard decides to get it on with his master's wife and all hell breaks loose after tragic death of his master.The ghastly events involve flying heads and graphic centipede puking. Just like in "Centipede Horror" there is a scene of the girl regurgitating a huge welter of insects.The only version of "Devil Sorcery" is Malaysian DVD version by Dragon Jester.So if you are a fan of "The Devil","Centipede Horror","Black Magic 1 and 2" or "Seeding of a Ghost" you can't miss "Devil Sorcery".7 centipedes out of 10." - Some Guy On The Internet