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Ebola Syndrome DVD
King Of The Witches

Ebola Syndrome DVD

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"A restaurant employee wanted for murder contracts Ebola by raping a woman in South Africa and starts an outbreak there and in Hong Kong when he returns home." - IMDB


"Don't put the pork chop back in the bowl.

Please, don't put the pork chop back in the bowl..
Whatever you do, don't put the pork chop back in the bowl!...

"I ordered steamed pork, not sweet & sour..." 🤢 Well, I guess I won't be eating chops for a while, WTF is this movie!

Pork chop loving, eyeball sucking, disease spitting, circular saw cannibalism, real frogs & chickens slaughtered and torn apart, and oh yeah everybody's racist as fuck, that's this movie! Kai San might just be the nastiest character ever put on film, just reading the synopsis has kept me from watching this for a good long time. What better time than now!... Thankfully all the disgusting shit is layered with a healthy dose of black comedy and total absurdity that at least keeps the filth entertaining in the worst kinda way (apart from the animal killings, fuck off with that garbage). It's definitely got that Nekromantik, sick, nasty, over-the-top kinda vibe about it.

Mean spirited doesn't even begin to describe this grubby, grungy flick. It just goes to show how one sicko can screw up everything for the rest of us, really hits too close to home right now. Sadly, seeing the news stories of armed ghouls protesting lock downs (wtf!?), people spitting and coughing on each other, breaking social distancing like it's nothing, and just the general disregard the rotten apples have for the people trying to hunker down at home. I've come to realize there's wayyy too many Kai types in this world... stay safe y'all. /rant" - Some Dude On The Internet