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Christine (1987) DVD
King Of The Witches

Christine (1987) DVD

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"Christine is a pasty-faced teen in a windbreaker and ill-fitting striped shirt who walks endlessly from one peer-aged client to another during the deserted daytime of the suburbs." - TMDB


" A few days in the life of a young heroin dealer named Christine, director Alan Clarke's trademark tracking shots following her from house to house as she slings H to friends and shoots up with 'em. She also has to pick up some records for a party on Friday. Or is it Saturday?" - Some Dude On The Internet

"I heard it said that Alan Clarke was a major influence on Gummo. Is that true?

HARMONY KORINE: Alan Clarke is maybe my favourite filmmaker, the best of the British New Wave. Christine is a masterpiece and I like The Firm and Made in Britain. What I like is that he approaches drama in a different way. There is never a beginning, middle, and end — the films just exist, the drama just seems to happen.

How did you come to see his films?

HK: A few years ago they screened about 20 of his films at MoMA. That’s when I saw them all. I’ve seen so many movies. There was a time from when I was about 17 until I was 20 when my life seemed to consist mainly of seeing movies. I had difficulty sleeping so I would see about four or five a day. I rapidly ate up movies. I thought I’d already found all the masters — and then I saw Alan Clarke. I couldn’t believe that here was somebody who made movies in this way and I’d never heard of him.

What is it about his films that you like?

HK: He was doing something dramatically that I’d never seen before. And his films are so honest — the way the characters speak, as if they just exist, as if they’re organic. Plus, of course, his use of violence is very interesting to me. It’s more than real. And there’s such an energy to his camera, such a fluidity to his movies. The steadicam shots can last for five minutes at a time.

Clarke had a real style. And there is no one less prententious. With a lot of British filmmakers politics tends to get in the way of the storytelling, but Clarke seemed to be more interested in telling stories than in solving problems. There are shots in Gummo that I took straight from his work, like the scene where the two girls are walking and talking right after they’ve watched the boy playing the tennis match. The use of the steadicam shot there is pure Alan Clarke — stylistically at least." - Some Interview With Sellout Harmony Korine