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King Of The Witches

This Is Probably The Most Infamous JAV Series DVD Set

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21 Videos. Real bottom of the barrel dirt bag shit. If you’re sensitive steer clear. If you’ve got an iron stomach and don’t know what empathy is, this is for you. Will only sell to recognized customers. Will refund first time buyers, if you’re a first time buyer and would like to purchase this, get tight with a regular. Will also refund anyone who has been an issue in the past. Impatient, rude, filed a claim/dispute, threatened to kill my children, posted some negative shit on Reddit or Instagram, etc. No fly list on shit like this. If you want to send a message my way and me we won’t have issues again, we can work through our transgressions. But I’m really not interested in dealing with problematic individuals on this product. Nothing illegal. Not now, not ever.  Just miserable, mean, pissed off JAV material. Packaged discreetly. This is what you JAV nerds are here for. This is what you people that have been skipping your medication lately are about. Priced high on purpose. If none sell, none sell. I don’t care. Separate the boys from the men. 

I don’t mean any of the harsh comments. That’s called “showmanship.” The stipulations are firm though. These videos are really not nice. Not for sensitive viewers. Please consider that when making the purchase. I don’t say shit like this often. 

To sweeten the pot, these are going to be limited to 10 and will be hand numbered

Don’t ask questions. If you’re down you’re down.