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Limited Edition DVD Collections (Wave 1)
Limited Edition DVD Collections (Wave 1)
Limited Edition DVD Collections (Wave 1)
King Of The Witches

Limited Edition DVD Collections (Wave 1)

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Limited edition items are not something I typically care to be involved in. But. Putting together cool packs of films will always be one of my favorite things to do. 

These are all hand numbered and limited to 20. And already almost sold out. I believe there is three of each. 

  1. The Sadistic Murder Of Junko Furuta And The Films Inspired By It

This seven film set includes:

The well known trinity. -

  • Concrete Encased High School Murder Case
  • Concrete
  • Juvenile Crime

We have upgraded the masters for both Concrete Encased… and Concrete.

Along with the much lesser known -

  • Junko
  • Junko Furuta
  • Sabaku

And of course -

  • The Funeral Of Junko Furuta

      2. Mr. Arashi’s Amazing Freak Show Double Feature

 This package includes -

  • Shōjo Tsubaki(Midori)
  • Midori: The Camellia Girl

Special features include a featurette and slideshows with rare images for both. 

And lastly, because it’s been asked for a hundred times…

      3. The Complete Traces Of Death

This one obviously speaks for itself. It was the one to be closest to sold out the fastest. 

I might consider doing this again after seeing what the reception is like.