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Update 9-29-21

blog king of the witches update

Introducing “Trash Packs.”

Trash Packs are, in short, a series of 150 packages featuring 2-5, but generally 3 films. The films are low/no budget/shot on video horror films, each of which were painstakingly selected by a group of long time customers who might as well be historians on trash cinema. Check out the product listing and it’s description for more info. 

Payment Processing Issues.

Our content was deemed “too hot” for our former credit card processor and therefore we were left high and dry with only Amazon Pay as a checkout option. Amazon Pay sucks. They hold your payments for 14 days if not longer, thus making the turn around time of your purchase much longer while the funds are in limbo. We searched far and wide for a processor that was cool with our content and have finally worked something out. So we will be canning Amazon Payments and things will be back to normal as far as credit card purchases go. PayPal is also currently on hold, some dweeb was unhappy with his purchase (no idea why, but he kept it all and didn’t want to return it) and as opposed to trying to work it out he filed a fraudulent transaction claim against our PayPal, claiming that he didn’t actually make the purchase himself. This is not productive, especially when there’s conversations with receipts discussing the transaction. But anyway, PayPal is locked until that issue is resolved with that customer. Read the FAQ if you have any questions about PayPal and disputes. If you file a claim against us for taking too long to deliver, don’t bother trying to buy shit in the future. Patience is important. Being a pain in the ass just makes you a pain in the ass. If you ask me how I would feel waiting over a month for something that I ordered to arrive my response would be that I’ve waited over a year for purchases to arrive. Back when the only way to get obscure films was to buy them with a money order out of the back of zines, you had to wait as long as the seller made you wait to get them. And a lot of those sellers were in Europe and Japan. So you weren’t going to see your shitty VHS copy of Flower Of Flesh And Blood for six to eight months. But it was worth it when it did show up. Patience, guys. I appreciate it.

Alternate Covers/Packaging.

Since not everyone is down with just buying discs for the movies on them and the packaging is apparently more important, we are going to be offering limited edition cover are for certain films. Each title in standard DVD packaging will include full color cover art(some covers will be black and white but printed as well as color covers are printed, that’s just dependent on the cover design), will be limited to 20, hand numbered, shrink wrapped and look like something that all of the cool collectors put on their shelves.

Current titles available in this manner:

Midori (Featuring the Anime (Shojo Tsubaki) and the live action film based on it(Midori: The Camellia Girl),  plus as many special features as I can find). The Complete Traces Of Death Collection and The Junko Furuta Film Collection(This package features Concrete, Concrete Encased High School Girl Murder Case, Juvenile Crime and a rare Japanese television special made up of news coverage of the case and footage from Junko Furuta’s funeral, along with interviews. This package is currently only available in this limited edition style.)


The Bizarre Bazaar

This is a yet to be added collection to the shop, we’ve been working on it for a while but haven’t felt like it was ready to go live. This collection will feature random original items ranging from vintage VHS tapes(no garbage, we’re real collectors over here), books, zines, artwork, DVDs, cassettes, records, old shirts, etc. etc. just to give you an idea. It will basically be a flea market section to the store with items that we will most likely only have one of. I guess similar to a Depop shop, just here.

Semi related to the Bizarre Bazaar, but not there yet, we recently made a deal with a private collector and acquired a handful of original DVDs to offer. Very low quantities and we most likely won’t be getting more of any of it. As I said, we made a deal with a collector and he supplied us with extras. We currently have 3 sets of The Stars Of The YNC along with copies of FUBAR, Filth: A Mixtape, and How To Clean A Room In 90 Minutes Or Less. We will hopefully maintain this relationship with this particular collector so that we can bring more of these original copies to you guys. If you are interested in anything mentioned above, please email or use the contact link to get in touch. 

As is always the case, we’re unashamed to be pirates. 

Pirates have always been cool. From the Jolly Roger flying cutthroats to the Somali terrorists. Bunch of bad asses. This is pretty irrelevant. There’s some stuff that we won’t be able to carry in the store to avoid arguing with people on Reddit. If you are interested in seeing a list of these titles please contact us directly. We will be accepting Venmo payments for these and the handful of original discs we acquired, mentioned above. We have a Venmo business account. So it’s a legitimate transaction. 

Don’t Sleep On Klarna.  

Klarna is an invaluable resource as far as online shopping goes. I use it regularly on pretty much every website I buy from. I’m excited to be able to work with them to accept payments because it genuinely makes larger purchases less of a hassle up front. How it works is pretty simple. You select to check out with Klarna, enter the total amount of the purchase, there’s also an option to add 10% to cover shipping and taxes, if you select this and it comes out to more than the purchase total they will adjust your purchase total and refund you the difference, they make up a one time use card for you, at check out you enter that card number and they split the purchase into four payments that you’re charged for every other week. The only thing you have to pay at check out is 1/4th of the total. So if you made a $403 purchase all you would be charged the day of placing the order is $100.75. That’s just a random example, it works in all ranges. Don’t let not having the amount of money it costs to make a purchase get in the way of making your purchase, make it easy o n yourself and break it up. There’s no interest on the four installment plan. There’s an option to make six monthly payments that does have interest though. Anyway. Really consider Klarna if you want to make a purchase that you feel like you can’t afford up front but don’t want to miss out on. I don’t get anything out of hyping Klarna here, I use it a lot already and it’s been great. There’s similar services that do the same, we just didn’t get approved by any based on content. Another favorite is Afterpay but they only work with very specific companies. Whereas Klarna is accepted pretty much anywhere credit cards are accepted.

The discount codes are still active. “Digital10” for 55% off of downloads and “September10” for 40% off of DVDs.

I think that’s all I’ve got for you today. Now they we have a blog attached to the store and this mailing list I’ll try to make it a more regular thing. Thanks for reading all of this. 

Don’t respond with “Where’s my order?”